Living greener than my parents

I have written about the environment before and beg your tolerance of another post. Yesterday, I drove past a home that had junk cars and garbage all around it. The site got to me because we all need to pitch in to help the earth. 

If this person will pollute the environment around their home, then it's a safe assumption that he or she will do so elsewhere. Any children in the household are being exposed to those same values and this makes me sad.

A lot of my energy goes to prevent domestic violence so my grandchildren will live in a better world. I want their world to have less violence, cleaner air and a better environment. Recycling and picking up trash are easy ways to show our commitment. Learning how to live differently is another way to help.

Some of the commitment to the environment is showing up in the creation of new jobs. Until recently, I never heard of bpicertification or home energy professionals. These are the folks who audit your home to be sure it is as energy friendly as possible.

I can just about guarantee that they didn't think in terms of making our home a 'green building'. My parents didn't do much in the way of eco-friendly living. Sometimes our coffee grounds or other kitchen waste would be used in the garden. They upgraded some windows to lower the electric bill. 

That's about all anyone knew to do back then. Thankfully, times have changed and we know more about the environment. The knowledge is creating jobs in new fields and energy analysis is one of them. A bpibuilding analyst is qualified to help you find ways to improve the efficiency of your home or business and save money.   If helping the environment doesn't get your attention, then maybe saving money will. It sure worked when I was a kid.