Titanium jewelry and cookware demonstrations

My daughter and her fiancee attended a cookware demonstration recently. They registered for prizes at bridal show. This 'prize' came with the catch of seeing the the demo. Engaged couples were encouraged to bring parents so Hubby and I did our duty. Couples could choose from two gifts one was a set of black titanium rings and the other was a vacation certificate.

I had heard about titanium but didn't know anything about it so I decided to do some research. The first thing that I learned is how versatile it is. Jewelry items include titanium bracelets, necklaces, crosses, chains, pendant and just about any other jewelry piece that you can think of.

This cutting edge metal is available in a variety of different grades. Some of the grades that are used to make jewelry items are:
  • Aircraft grade titanium alloy
  • Extra-hard titanium
  • Commercially Pure Titanium
Rings can be inlaid with the gold, silver or other metals. This gives the pieces an interesting look. Titanium is being seen as an alternative to the traditional gold or white gold wedding ring sets and are reputed to be more durable. My daughter took the vacation certificate but possibly wouldn't have gone wrong with the ring sets. 

What's important was making the choice that better suited them as a couple. It's the first decision out of a lifetime of choices that is to come. Wouldn't it be nice if every decision they face will go as smoothly as this one?