Former coach arrested 3 times; now in jail

Why is a pedophile not locked up? WATE is reporting about a former coach who seems to have been arrested for the third time - since December 2011!  The article says that he has been accused of inappropriate relations with players and for violating an order of protection - twice. The latest arrest stems from an appearance that he made at the workplace of one of his former players.

This guy is a former teacher. One might suppose that if he has the brains to get a college degree, he is smart enough to comprehend the meaning of the word 'no'. As in:

No, it is not appropriate to even think about having inappropriate relations with kids.
No, it is not okay to violate an order of protection.

Injustices done to kids like this make me want to scream. Fortunately, the scumbag is now in custody and awaiting to appear in court, again.