My health challenge of summer 2011

Some of my friends will recall that back in May I had one of my most severe health challenges yet. This problem came out of the blue and blindsided everyone. It was severe enough to make me use a walker, then a cane before being able to walk properly again.

Roan Mountain is one of the most splendid places on earth. We had gone camping there and did some light walking on a tiny portion of the Appalachian Trail after visiting Sycamore Shoals State Park. My legs began to feel weak and shaky on the trail. Over the night and the next day they became worse. 

Two days after standing on the trail I was in the Emergency Department of a trauma center. My legs just wouldn't work right. I went home on a walker and would remain on it for two weeks. After another 3 weeks I could walk with a cane. A few weeks after that I could walk on uneven ground without assistance.

The problem is that no one could give me an answer on what happened or why. Plenty of theories abounded. One doctor suggested MS and a specialist said it could be my medications. Nothing worked. Another specialist was consulted. Then, my neurologist (I already have a seizure disorder) was able to give me a diagnosis. (Read more...)