Hubby told me

Guest post written by my buddy Kay Kramer

My husband told me he would be all for it if I wanted to go back to school and I could figure out childcare for our two young children. I was so excited he was even considering it I jumped on it and called my mom and asked her about the possibility of being able to watch the kids while I was in class every day. She wasn’t able to do it full time but she can do it three days a week so you know what, I decided to take classes online those other two days so I could stay home AND still be in school fulltime. I found out about theInternet Service Provider in our area and got us all hooked up with high speed and I went ahead and registered on campus. I’m really excited to get started and I can’t believe it’s only a matter of a few weeks before I go back to school fulltime – it’s like I’m 18 all over again except this time around I have a goal!