Moving away

Moving Away

Author: Joseph Sandoval

Moving out here was great for my career but it really put distance between me and my family, literally. I really worry about my folks and how they’re doing now that they’re older and I know it won’t be long before they need more help at home to get through a day.

 I love that they’ve still got old Bessie (our golden retriever) and that they let me get them ADT San Francisco so they’d be safer at home but you know at the end of the day I sure wish they’d let me hire someone to come in and help. I guess it’s a pride thing and they say they’re not old enough but it sure would put my mind at ease and I know it would make their daily lives easier. 

They’re great people but keeping up that big house has got to be draining for them at their advanced age, you know? I admire their resistance nonetheless and will continue to respect their wishes until I really just can’t any longer, you know.

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