Domestic Violence Awareness Month draws to a close

It's hard to believe that Domestic Violence Awareness Month has drawn to a close. It seems like the initiative for 2011 began only yesterday. Advocates all across the U.S., shelters and organizations pulled together for the cause. Together, we each did our own part to tell the public about the cycle of violence.

Hope for Healing.Org posted one social media update every day during October. These were tweeted, RT and posted on Facebook profiles. There is no real way to count the number of lives that have been reached. We'll never know the depth of how they were touched. The only thing that we'll know for sure is that we've all done our part.

But isn't that an amazing thing? For one month people across the country and across the globe pulled together for a common cause. I believe that it is this kind of effort that will one day bring domestic violence to an end. I also believe that we're off to a very good start.