Love wins over hate at my vandalized church

This news video shows the damage that was done to my church. The irony that I work with juvenile offenders hasn't been lost on me. Working with them on the job is one thing. When the destructive nature of anger hits home it's hard to be professional. I've always felt that an attack on ground that a religious group holds to be sacred is an attack on all.

Our church family is resilient and faithful. They will clean up and rebuild what was damaged. I pray for our church that was vandalized.

For the teens who did this, I pray that the internal anguish these kids must carry can be repaired as easily.
As bad as the damage is at our church it must be worse to actually be the teens that did this. Living and carrying such hatred must be awful. I feel sad for them, for our church and for a society that turns children into carriers of anger.

God is good. Already the church is coming together to repair. Many more hands are involved in the clean up than there were in the destruction. Additional people are praying throughout the country. The amount of good that's being done far outweighs the destructiveness of the teenagers.

Love wins over hate at my vandalized church. Just as it wins throughout the world. As a friend of mine is fond of saying 'Pray for Peace' even as you pray for my church.

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I created this blog post as a way of reminding myself that love wins. It's 15 Things that make me Smile. Maybe it will warm your heart too?