I'm going dark tonight for Earth Hour

I'm going dark tonight for Earth Hour? Are you?

Earth Hour is an annual event. Globally, participants will be shutting of the lights and going dark between 8:30 pm and 9:30 pm., local time. The annual event is held annually on the last Saturday in March.  I went dark last year. Had it not been for a Twitter message from a friend this year would have slipped up on me.

The World Wide Fund for Nature started the campaign several years ago. One hour of darkness won't save planet Earth but it does signal your commitment to do what you can to combat climate change.

A little over a year ago I read an online article about plastic in our environment. I don't remember which article it was but I do remember the message. It basically said that you can't find a water supply without minute traces of plastic in most of the world.

That made me sad.

I grew up without giving safe drinking water a second thought. My kids were largely raised the same way. Now, my family tries to recycle as much plastic (and everything else) that we can.

Earth Hour is a way to remind me of my commitment. We're not perfect but I figure that every recycled plastic soda bottle, aluminum can or Earth Hour makes at least a small difference.

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