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In-school banks dispense financial sense - USATODAY.com

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Carter High School in Strawberry Plains, Tennessee has appeared on the USA Today website. The article is about teaching kids to be financially savvy when it comes to credit. According to the above referenced article the students are being taught how to borrow and repay money when they need. Carter High School is partnering with nearby First Century Bank to make this possible.

It's nice to see Carter High School in Strawberry Plains, Tennessee (Knox County) in the national news. Most of the comments section of the USA Today.com article are positive. Many residents in the Strawberry Plains community (Knox County) feel that Carter High School is an unrecognized jewel in the crown of Knox County Schools.

A disturbing comment was left on the message board of the referenced article. The comment indicates that the teacher who coordinate the bank program has become the latest victim of budget cuts. This is a sad day for the community. More investment needs to be made at Carter High School - not less. The students deserve it and the staff needs it.

That the teachers are able to provide quality education on limited resources is a tribute to their dedication. In August 2009, Carter High School received needed Title I funding in the amount of $129,000. By the start of the spring term in January 2010, $120,000 was already spent on supplies and teacher training. Ultimately, this benefits of these funds will make a needed difference in the lives of students.

Kudos to the business education instructor at Carter High School in Strawberry Plains! May this be only the first round of the positive national attention that your school deserves.
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