About Social Media the Nonprofit Connection

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The previous post was added during yesterday's workshop on social media. I made the post to demonstrate the class just how easy it is to update a blog. Using services like Blogger.com makes it any for any nonprofit to enter into the social media realm in minutes. There is no fancy software to buy and no upfront costs (assuming the office already has internet and a computer).

Social media and nonprofits is a new emerging field. Many of the workshop attendees had a limited knowledge of the blogosphere  and some had no experience on Facebook. I was glad to be of help and to answer questions. In the first part of the workshop we talked  about what's possible. Discussion included how to link your blog to Facebook and how to bring YouTube videos into your blog.

Then we got into the nuts and bolts of social media and nonprofits. We discussed considerations, platforms, clients and online fundraising. Participants enjoyed the workshop and demonstrations so much that plans are in the works for me to do it again!

Many thanks to everyone who came to my workshop on social media and nonprofits. Have fun as you enter into this new initiative to build your brand awareness and educate the public.