Schoolboard Member Resigns After Domestic Violence; Another Cost

WATE is reporting on the resignation of Knox County School Board Member Bill Phillips. According to the news report Mr. Phillip admitted guilt in a domestic altercation with his wife in December 2008.  The cost, in this case of domestic violence involved not only the loss of a coveted position but in 2009 the Tennessee Dept. of Safety revoked the handgun permit of Mr. Phillips. The article also mentions a possible previous incident of domestic violence between both Phillips and his wife. Neither had any memory of the previous event.

Domestic violence is a crime that often ends in shattered lives. Seemingly, both parties were fortunate this time. No life was lost. No bones were broken. Advocates and educators know that domestic abuse is a pattern of behavior that escalates over time. It begins with name calling and put downs and then evolves into physical and/or sexual violence.

Abusers come in all walks of life. Sadly, they are even in positions of authority and great influence. In addition to other losses  the loss of position is only one of the high prices to be paid in domestic violence.

If you are a victim or abuser who needs help please contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline. Click here to view their website.

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