Domestic Violence Among Native American Women

Native American women are proud. They are strong. They are often victims of domestic violence.

Factors that make it hard for these women to get help include the same obstacles that are faced by all women. The fear of reprisal, being disbelieved when making a report, difficulty in accessing services and more.

Indian Country Today (linked below) is filled with tremendous insight on the problems faced by Native American Women. The article Challenges for Native American Women came out in January 12, 2010. The writer, Kathryn Tucker, spent months doing the research necessary to write the article.

It outlines some of the problems that are faced include discrimination. Approximately 60% of Native American Women do not live on a reservation. Those who do not may face a higher incidence of discrimination and isolation from support services. Even for those women who do live on reservations the road to safety is fraught with danger. They too may face discrimination or unbelieving police officers when attempting to file charges against an abuser.

That doesn't change the fact that no one deserves to be abused.

Fortunately, society is beginning to hear the pleas of these women. The Tribal Court Clearinghouse makes resources available through their website. Let's Wrap Domestic Violence Program serves southwestern Minnesota. Services include online information and local support.

Services are beginning to come. For Native American Women and all women worldwide these changes cannot come a moment too soon.

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