My Thankful List...

A few years ago I developed the habit of drawing up a "Thankful List" each Thanksgiving. Sometimes the list is longer than at other times. It gives me a chance to take stock of what's really important and refocus my energy.

As a survivor of sexual violence I believe that the Thankful List has helped with healing. Absolutely nothing that saps a person's spirit more than dealing with the aftermath of abuse. We didn't ask to be abused. It is so unfair!

Focusing on the unfairness gives the abuser undeserved power of us. It keeps us mired in the murky pit of destruction. Creating a Thankful List changes that. It helps us find the positive in life and keep going. If you don't have a list create one. It helps and it gives you something to fall back on during the bad days.

My Thankful List...

1) My family. Sometimes they drive me crazy but they are there and I love them.
2) My dog. Ok, technically he's my daughter's dog but when she's off at college I get to pretend he's mine.
3) My car. It protests but it gets me there.
4) Electricity. We have it. Some people don't. Often our clients fight to get it and then keep it.
5) Water. See electricity.
6) My laptop. It survived a fall to concrete. Without it I'd be lost (sometimes literally!).
7) The Bible. Sometimes I forget to read it but when I need it I can count on it the most.
8) My faith. (see Bible)
8) Friends. I could write volumes here. This year has taught me lessons about friendship that will last my entire life.

What will you have on your list?

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