Sometimes in life you have resign yourself to accept transitions. Life changes can be challenging. We can feel sad or anxious about them. Ultimately, we have to accept that change is a part of life and accept the transition. As hard as this is for me to write, I wanted to let you know that I've resigned from Hope for Healing. Org as of April 30, 2015. This is really, really hard. The problem isn't my dedication but my health. Some of you already know that I had emergency surgery New Year's Eve/ wee hours of New Year's Day 2013. My foot is had to relearn how to make the stepping movement.) I hesitate to call this relearning to walk because I feel like that takes away from stroke and accident victims who have totally lost the use of their leg.) I left the hospital discharged on a walker, then stepped down to a cane. This worked well except I keep falling. I've broken a bone or two and sprained more muscles than I care to think about. My asthma is acting up too. I feel that I can't be relied upon even more and am taking this step. We decided to dissolve Hope for Healing.org in April 2013. Even though I left, I'm trying to help the board of directors with the paperwork for awhile. Much of it is over my head. Way over my head. Our assets were less than $50 in checking and some office things (which were left at the church that donated office space to us). I've sent all the banking info etc. to our board chair already. This is a very said thing for me but I feel this is best. Thank you for all your support. You're the best.