Can you help me find a #lostdog in #Polvadera #NM

This was originally posted in June 2017. After all this time, we presume Chester to be permanently lost. My daughter and her husband remain heartbroken over their #lostdog. The best guess is that someone decided that the guy was friendly enough to pick up after he got loose. I want to thank everyone who shared the information, prayed and helped us try to find him. Each of you are precious. Thank you again.

Pet owners and dog lovers... Can you help me find my daughter's dog?  He and his canine sibling got out from his #Polvadera home yesterday. His canine sibling returned without him. The dog is six and has never failed to return. Usually he stays very close to my daughter. She and her husband are disconsolate. Please email me at youvebeenreviewed@gmail.com if you see him. Any help you can give is appreciated.