Almost empty nesting at Christmas

It is the oddest sensation that today doesn't seem like Christmas. Life has been so busy! I made eight loaves of sourdough bread for the food pantry and another ten to give to friends. Dozens of cookies were made, along with cheese straws and a yule log cake. I even ordered a new cookie press to make the cheese straws with. So why doesn't it feel like Christmas?

Decorated Christmas tree.
The flash flooding could have something to do with it. Rain water overflowed the culvert in front of our home. The end of our driveway was invisible and water spilled over the street. Now I know why they say not to drive on flooded roads. We are well acquainted with the lay of the land in front of our house. Yet, from the safety of our warm home we could not estimate the depth of the water. My husband and I were wearing short sleeves while we watched the downpour burst forth. It's strange for the weather to be so warm at Christmas.

I am happy to report that our tree, all two feet of it, is up and decorated. We will be planting it at some point after Christmas. A small tree is easier for us to decorate. I like the idea that this evergreen will be adding beauty for generations - unless some idiot chops it down later.

My oldest daughter is still at home. We are almost empty nesting this year. I fully anticipate that this will be our final Christmas with her. Our younger daughter and her husband are creating their new traditions from half a country away. They are probably alone today, but I'm confident that his parents will probably make the trip. At least I hope so since we cannot. Work duties preclude us from being able to go.

It is time for my husband and I to think about creating new traditions for our family. I'm not sure what that will look like. Friends go away for the holidays, but that's not an option for us.

For years, our small family would pile into the car after the first of the year for a break. Maybe my husband and I may have to try that. Sort of like an after-Christmas, after party. I like that idea. Maybe we could skiing? Or take the cruise to the Bahamas that Hubby has always wanted to do? Seeing the northern lights in Alaska sounds appealing too.

You know what? I think that I may like this new-tradition Christmas after all.

I hope yours is a merry one!