Bodacious Broads Travel Blog coming soon

Travel is one of my passions. So are issues that relate to women. After long late nights spent deep in thought, I've decided to combine both passions into a new blog. Bodacious Broads Travel Blog is going to be sassy and fun. Travel tips, articles about bodacious women (and by bodacious women) are planned.

My new blog is going to be much different from any of my work up until now. I'm a little nervous about starting a new project. What if I fail? What if I don't?

There isn't any point to having a dream if you're not going to reach for it. Everyone has hopes and dreams. Leaving the ambitions in the corner to collect dust isn't the way to make things happen. I did that for more years than it's possible to count. Every now and again I would take one or another out of the corner, dust it off and put it right back. Failing to test drive that dream was safe, easy and a good way to get nowhere.

Leg brace, health challenges and car problems be darned! Life is out there and I'm going for it in this new direction. There's no telling how far this rabbit hole will go, but I'll tell you one thing. My dream isn't going to sit in the corner any longer. It's time for the dream to come out, and for me to chase it.

The upcoming url is going to be www.bodaciousbroadstravelblog.com.