How to Participate in Sexual Assault Awareness Month Online

Are you asking yourself how to participate in Sexual Assault Awareness Month online? Today, there are more options that ever to get the word out. Standing behind survivors of sexual violence in April has never been easier.

Many of us spend countless hours every week on the internet using a variety of tools to communicate or just surf the web. We just may not have thought about how these tools could be used to help others.

This article has some suggestions to help you do just that. Do you want to help raise awareness for sexual assault awareness month online? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

It's easy to send messages about fun links or status updates about our day. Did you know that you can use Twitter to participate in Sexual Assault Awareness Month online? Find your local crisis center and follow them on Twitter. Be intentional about re-tweeting their messages that speak to you to your followers.

The National Sexual Violence Resource Center has created a list of status updates that can be posted. Choose the ones that you like and post them to your Facebook page or favorite social media site.

Get the word out during Sexual Assault Awareness Month online by using Digg. Add news articles or links from your local crisis center to their online inventory. This not only lets your friends know what you like but it makes the information available to a wide audience.

Add links and information to StumbleUpon. It helps others have an easier time finding out about Sexual Assault Awareness Month online. Using services like this one takes only a minute out of your day. It has the potential to make a huge impact.

As a blogger, you have a unique opportunity to reach a ready made audience. People follow your work because what you have to say is important. Creating a blog post to speak out about sexual violence is an excellent way to tell others about Sexual Assault Awareness Month online.

If an entire article won't fit with the theme of your blog don't worry. You can speak out on your side bar. Choose a statistic from the Rape Abuse Incest National Network or quote one of the status updates mentioned above.

When telling others about Sexual Assault Awareness Month online there is only one thing that you can do wrong. Sitting down and letting time pass you by without speaking out is the wrong thing to do. You are going to be online anyway. Why not speak out in support of survivors while you're at it?

This article originally appeared on the Yahoo Contributor Network and on Yahoo Voices.