Where to Rent or Buy Cheap College Textbooks Online

Paying for college textbooks for my daughters almost gave me heart failure. To help with the crunch I put together this list of where to rent or buy cheap college textbooks online. Prices have skyrocketed since my college days. Books were never inexpensive but the school bookstore usually had quality used books available at good prices. That isn't so anymore.

These days every penny counts. Here are a few places where you can rent or buy cheap college textbooks online. Most sell at least some eBooks or other books. Several of these stores make it possible for your college students to sell their used books. That's a combination that this parent loves.

This online company has the total package. At you can buy, rent or sell college textbooks. Alibris makes it easy to search for books by category or title and author. You can even search by ISBN to be sure that you get the right textbooks for class. Selling used textbooks is easy. Create an account, list the books and the store is opened in just a few moments.

Is there anything that you cannot purchase at Amazon.com? Used college textbooks are just the beginning. This is not a rental store but used books can be bought and sold. Once your online store is set up listing your old college textbooks online goes quickly.

When it comes to buying and selling cheap used items online eBay has to be king. Search by category, title and author. Online rent options for textbooks is unavailable. I tried searching by ISBN for used books but had much better luck with title and author and then comparing the ISBN. Setting up an eBay store doesn't take long. PayPal is the online payment processor of choice for most buyers and sellers. If you don't already have an account it only takes a few days to set one up.

This online company advertises the most choices for used books at the best prices. College students can search by category, title, author, ISBN and even keyword. At Textbook.com you can buy cheap college books, rent, download eBooks and even sell your old textbooks. Instant quotes on books help sellers decide if listing is right for them or if a trip to the college bookstore will work better.

College students may sell or buy cheap used textbooks online. Listing online is quick and simple. Searching by textbook name and category may be the easiest. ISBN searching for used books is next to impossible. It takes about a minute to open an account and sell your used textbooks. Renting isn't usually an option.

This online movement is dedicated to keeping used items out of landfills. Groups are in almost every major city and rural areas. As with other items, used books cannot be sold, rented or purchased. Freecycle is hit or miss. It is for students who want to give used college textbooks away online or try to pick up used college textbooks for free.

Sell your used college textbooks directly to Chegg.com. College students can purchase cheap used textbooks, sell or rent. Enter the ISBN and condition of the books online and get a quote instantly. Shipping to Chegg.com is free. Payment is given after the books are received by the online company. It may be one of the most convenient places rent or buy cheap college textbooks online.