The joys of being a credit union member

A recent marketing event reminded me of the joys of being a credit union member. I fully left my bank a few years ago and haven't looked back. My membership in the Holston Methodist Federal Credit Union began right after my husband became a pastor. It's one of the good things about serving in the Holston Conference.

He and I value the membership enough to open accounts for our daughters years ago. We felt that having their own accounts would help them better understand how to handle money. I think it has been one of our better parenting decisions.

The event was about the new products that they offer.
I have to tell you. I'm all about the mobile banking. Remote deposit capture means no more trips to the cash a check. Just snap, upload and wait for it to be credited. Deposits credit within a couple of hours if I deposit during business hours. The mobile app makes it easy to check my balance.

What I didn't know about is the EZ Rewards Checking. The account includes monitoring, points, card protection and more. I have a different type of account but may look into this one a little further.

Some of the other services include:

Car and mortgage loans
Home equity line of credit
Discount tickets to some attractions
Free bill pay
Discount prescription drug card (not insurance)
Holiday Club

And a lot more.

Plus, they financed my dream van. We are converting a Chevy Express into a small Class B RV. How cool is that!

Convenice, value and some of the friendliest folks around. Those are some of the reasons why I enjoy my membership at the Holston Methodist Federal Credit Union at  http://bit.ly/1lkvAXs