Puppet skits are in the works

Actually, a glitch caused this article to post early. The headline said that it was a skit based on a chapter and verse from Matthew. I'm going back through and rewriting the post so that it will make more sense. The skit is actually not completed yet.

Our church is on the lookout for free puppet skits that we can use in worship. I have written several over the years and have kept most of them. My plan is to go through, freshen them up and publish each one either here or on another writing site.nChurches will be free to use them but not repost them on their own website or distribute copies.
They are copyrighted (as is all of my work).  Churches are welcome to post snippets on their website and link back to the original skit.

When I use the term "snippet" I'm specifically talking about a paragraph or paragraphs that are not to exceed 200 words. Over that and it's a violation of copyright. Life is easier for everyone when this is honored.

Thanks in advance for reading. The skit will be posted soon.