Business trip to Meridian, Mississippi

We are leaving on a business trip to Meridian, Mississippi for a few days. Expect delays in returned tweets and emails. Cell phone reception is unclear. We don't have hotel reservations and plan to find something when we get there or shortly before. I've stopped in Meridian a few times but haven't been able to stay.

I'm going with a colleague and my daughter to meet with the executive director of the Wesley House Community Center. The main topic of the day is one of my favorite consultation areas. We'll be domestic violence training for clergy among other things.

It's getting late so I have to go. Our goal is to head out of here by around 6:00 am. and arrive there around lunchtime. This means getting up by around 5:00 am. They are in the central time zone which plays into our favor. Still, 5:00 am is early in any time zone.

I look forward to making a report upon returning.

See you online,