Teas to relax by

I was finally able to enjoy a hot cup of tea and listen to Pandora yesterday and it was really great. Finding time to relax has been extremely challenging lately. The time out was just what I needed. Tea has traditionally been used for many different reasons. Chamomile is what I use to relax with, oolong is said to help you lose weight and green tea is supposed to be packed with antioxidants. 

The uses of tea and the properties of different varieties fascinates me. Who would think that a few dry leaves could do so much for you? There are tons of different types in the grocery store but internet options are rapidly expanding what is available.

It's important to check with your doctor before drinking some teas on a regular basis. Like anything else, some varieties may interact with medications or have adverse benefits. Several types of tea may actually have health benefits. It's always worth a check with the doc to get the right information.

Here are a couple of teas that I enjoy and how I use them. What are your favorites?

I always drink this when it's warm. The light flavor gets lost when consumed as iced tea. It's great for relaxation. You can either drink it as a beverage or warm the bags and place them on your eyes. Boil water and let the bags steep for one minute. When they are very cool to the touch, lay back in your favorite chair and place one on each eye. It's a nice stress break (although one that I don't get to use often enough.)

This is a staple in Chinese restaurants but you can also get it from OolongSlimmingTea.com online. I have not ordered from them and am sharing the link as a potential resource. It can be hard to find in the grocery store but, if the oolong tea diet catches on, then it may be more widely available.

Fruit teas
Some restaurants are adding syrups to flavor teas and the flavors seem to be popular. However; there are lots of fruit flavored teas that don't need a boost to be flavorful. I enjoy relaxing with berry tea, orange and spice and lemon are among my favorites.

Making tea is a snap. Place a teabag in your favorite mug. Put a small pot of water on to boil. Pour water over the teabag when the water comes to a boil. (Be very careful not to spill the boiling water.) Let the teabag sit for five minutes and remove with tongs.

I add a teaspoon full of local honey as a sweetener. It's light flavor goes with almost any tea and is perfect for relaxing. Come to think of it, I think that I'll head into the kitchen and brew some now.