Becoming a Woman of Courage ladies conference

I'll be speaking at the Jones Chapel United Methodist Church Ladies Conference this Saturday, May 4, 2013. They asked me to do it almost two years ago and it's a honor to be there. Registrations are still being accepted. Email me if you'd like to attend. I'll get the directions and contact information to you.

Our topic is "Becoming a Woman of Courage". From abuse issues to seeing a child go off to school (or college) the first time, every woman has had obstacles and difficult moments to overcome. We're going to talk about how to do that.

Since this is a Christian conference, we'll be looking to the Bible for inspiration. It is filled with stories of women who displayed courage against formidable odds.

Who would tie a red ribbon in her window and stay steadfast with an advancing army approaching? Who dared to approach a King under fear of death for doing so? How about a woman who fought her way through the crowd for a healing touch? Then, what about a woman who was so outcast that she avoided others and felt rejected by her community?

Come find out. The ladies conference begins at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday. See you then.