How my vacation photos make money with RedGage

Several people have asked me about making money online. You probably already know that I write for several companies. Few of you realize that the social bookmarking site called RedGage also helps me earn a few bucks.

Let me be clear. Most of what I post right now are photos and I also add knowledge based content. None of it is going to put me in the top income tax bracket (although if it does, then that's okay too). Most of the photos, links and videos that I post on RedGage earn only a few cents each time.

This is because RedGage pays out in terms of page views. Whenever anyone goes to the site and clicks through the portfolio it adds a few cents to my earnings. It isn't much but pretty soon the RedGage payout becomes enough to put some gasoline in the car or to pick up a small prescription.

One of the nice things about RedGage is that as my inventory builds, so my page views. The larger inventory increases the likelihood that someone will click on the photography. It's always a happy day when that happens. I figure that if I'm going to post the photographs online anyway, then I may as well post them on RedGage so I can get paid for them. It might even be something that you want to try. After all, the holiday season is just around the corner. Here's the link that you need to get started.