How a hotel supply company can keep guests happy

I sometimes have to travel for work and cannot always use the camper. Lately, it seems that hotels are becoming increasingly disorganized in the breakfast area. When I am on work related travel for Hope for Healing.Org, I have only a few needs. Safe clean rooms, comfortable beds and a morning breakfast with caffeine.

You can't blame a breakfast hostess for running out of some needed items. Coffee, sugar and cream always need to be replenished. It's when the hostess completely runs out of something that the frustration can set in. Using a hotel supply can make things easier. The hostess can make a list of whatever is needed and give it to the manager for ordering.

Instead of properly stocking up on Hotel and catering supplies what I frequently witness is a hotel manager running into the lobby with a coffee can or other items in hand. Making store runs in the morning hours is not the way to keep guests happy.

Using a service like can PeachSuiteWholesale Hotel Supply & Restaurant Supplier streamline the process. It can also help a hotel to offer additional services. When my daughter was getting married we checked with several places for meeting room accommodations. All we needed was a relatively small room with linens and tableware. We couldn't find it so we ended up going to a restaurant. What was good news for the eatery, was bad news for the hotel.

There are lots of good reasons to use a supply service. I encourage managers and owners to see what one can do for you. We guests need our morning coffee.