Mom abandons a special needs teen at a bar; my thoughts

Okay, this is a rant so don't say that I didn't warn you. Last month, a mystery woman was left in the town of Caryville near where I used to live. This is a small town that's filled with great people. It's right beside the interstate and was apparently seen as a good place to dump a teen that you don't want to care for any longer.

That's apparently what a mom thought when she left her special needs teen at a bar. She drove in from out of state to do it. It seems that when the girl went in to use the bathroom the mom pulled out of the parking lot and kept on going. Moreover, when the mom was located she refused to take her daughter back. WBIR has the full scoop.

What kind of mom does that?

It would be easy to call her lazy or irresponsible. Initially, I had no problems with doing so (and still have a few choice words for her). This woman put her mentally challenged daughter at great risk. Although she is a teenager, this poor girl doesn't have enough vocabulary to give officers her phone number, address or any details. The girl is a human being who did not deserve to be kicked to the curb.

On the other hand, the mother may be overwhelmed and unable to care for her. Some moms who are in this situation wind up becoming horrific abusers. Headlines often tell us of parents who lock their kids in closets, starve them or otherwise abuse them. In that case, then maybe the mom was doing the best thing.

Then again, why doesn't mom have the support she needs to take care of her daughter? Is there a group home, respite care or any type of assistance that she could qualify to have? If there is, has anyone told the mom about how to access such care?

Most of all, what kind of world do we live in where a mom feels so desperate that she has to dump her child somewhere?

The happiest scenario is that the girl finds a place where she can be loved and cared for. Ultimately, I hope that is what happens.

As for mom, the only thing that I can say is that I'm glad that I'm not her. Not matter how you look at the situation, you have to admit that it could have been handled differently. Even if you are overwhelmed, your daughter deserved better. I hope that she now has the life that she deserves.