New life changes

By now, you have probably heard that I'm being appointed to serve two small churches in East Tennessee. It is an honor and blessing to be appointed there by the Holston Conference of the United Methodist Church. I'm looking forward to whatever God has in store.

A couple of people have asked about my blogs and speaking. Let me just say that my work continues. I will be blogging away just as I have been in the past. You can still follow me here, on Twitter or Facebook. My freelance writing work now appears on a new page. If you would like to follow those posts, then be sure to like my new writing page on Facebook.

The biggest change will be the focus of this blog. Many of the posts will center around devotions and my sermon notes. My past updates have been sporadic at times. The new change may bring more for you to share with friends and social media contacts.

My rants on violence against women and children won't change. I will continue to condemn the evils of human trafficking, abuse and domestic violence. It is my opinion that nothing causes more damage to the world that these issues. Where God calls, He leads. We should never become complacent or shrink back from helping others.

That's what I will continue to do in my new role as pastor of these two churches, in my service to victims of domestic violence within the Holston Conference and via Hope for Healing.Org. A better today begins with a better yesterday. With God's help may we all be up to the challenges of tomorrow. 

See ya online,