Our Dream Home

Posted by Gaylord Campbell

My husband and I spared no expense on our new home. We figured it was about time to live in our dream home. We needed a lot of space for the kids, and we wanted to make sure we wouldn’t have to update it again for a while. We figured the next time we would have to worry about changing anything would be after the kids left for college. We put in new bathrooms, got new appliances for the kitchen, and installed best home security system on the market. Everything looks great so far, and the finished product will be very nice. The work should be done in about a month, and we can’t wait to finally move in. My husband and I will both have shorter commutes, so that is going to be great. The kids are a little anxious since they will have to start a new school, but we know they are going to be happy in our new neighborhood. There are plenty of kids that live nearby and the school is brand new. I can’t wait for the start of our new future in our new home!