Trying to fund graduate school

It's pins and needles around our house right now. Our younger daughter is hoping the mail carrier will deliver a positive result on her vet school any day now. She graduates in May and is getting married about three weeks later. Our older daughter has two more years of graduate school to go before she graduates and moves to the next level of education.

Our elder daughter was able to attend a college that provided free tuition for undergraduate work. She was even able to earn a scholarship from there that helped her with graduate school. However, she'll still have tons of student loan debt and so will our younger daughter.

Financing graduate school is an interesting experience. We're finding that scholarships are harder to come by than for undergrad. In this day and age a college doesn't provide job security anymore (or even a living wage). I feel that my daughters will have to find a way to finance college and complete as much education as they can to have a shot at a stable job later.

We're looking into grants and scholarships through the schools and Mission Tuition. Funding from the United Methodist Church is also on the list. We're open to other ideas too.

I'm hoping that this blog post will generate some ideas that will help everyone. Leave a message in the comments section to let us know how you financed college tuition for yourself or for your children.