Summer swimming pool memories

When I was a kid I used to love to go to my cousin's home to swim in the pool. The cool water was perfect on a hot sunny day. I never was able to just get my feet wet and slowly work my way up to acclimate to the water.

Why do that when a big splash can get you adjusted to the water a lot faster? One dive was all it took to get used to the water and I loved the way it felt when my body would tingled all over with sudden chill bumps. After awhile it would be time to get out of the pool. I would wait until I dried off and started to get warm, and then I'd do it again.

My aunt used to fuss a little and worry. She would feign concern about the size of the splashes and whether or not we would leave any water in the pool. My cousins and I would play swimming pool games like Marco Polo all afternoon.

As a kid, I didn't have to worry about shopping for pool supplies or which chemicals to use. Instead, life was all about lazy summer afternoons spent with family and friends.

My cousin had all these neat pool accessories like toys, other types of water games and even floats. We had lots of fun with the floats. One of us would get settled. Then, just about the time that we would get relaxed the other would turn the float over. These were among the childhood memories that I enjoy the most.