Gayle Crabtree.com announces site redesign

Gayle Crabtree.com announces a site redesign that makes visiting here more streamlined than ever. I've added a few touches that you may like.

Improved look and feel. As you navigate through the pages I think you'll enjoy the new look and feel. It's more streamlined, easier to read and easier to share.

Look at the bottom of the post to click 'I agree, Disagree, Undecided' to quickly share your opinions with the world. Now, you can quickly Tweet, Email or post to another social media site. The buttons at the bottom of the post are a snap to use.

I know you love them. The comments section is more visible than ever. Got something you want to say? Leave a message in the comment field.

Email updates
We have a new subscribe box. Get updates by email now to hear all about what's happening in our tiny corner of the world.

Polls, a paper and more coming in the next few days. Check back often to see all the changes. I think you're going to like our new site redesign. :-)