Stop Berea College victim blaming - An update

Good news! I just came from the Change.Org petition about the Berea College sexual assault victim blaming. Signatures have doubled since my last post! There is still a long way to go. If you haven't been over to sign it yet please do. It says "alumni" but supporters can and are signing it.

After you sign it, could you help spread the word? The more people who sign it the stronger the message will be that's sent to the college.

Here's some background on the Berea College sexual assault.

One of my earlier posts links to the original source document that was used. Basically, this Berea College sexual assault issue is about the stupidity of blaming the victim.

According to the Richmond Register, a student came forward after being sexually assaulted by a professor. The professor was originally indicted on sex abuse charges. He pleaded guilty in January to a lesser assault charge.

Then the student filed a lawsuit against the school for a whopping $4,000. (Yes, $4,000 you read that right.)

Legal counsel for the college is trying to get the school out of paying. In doing so, the legal counsel said that the victim is responsible because she "did not take action to prevent her injuries". The Berea College sexual assault victim should not be punished for being injured by anyone; much less by a school professor!

You can get the full scoop on the news reporting by the Richmond Register. Just click here to read more.

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