Trying to write my way out of debt

If you've been following this blog or You've Been Reviewed you know that there's a lot of things that I want to do. There are also medical bills, a credit card and car payment that has to be paid. Basically, it's a lot to owe and I have a 2013 wedding to plan!

Looking back on my records it's easy to see that some things that accumulated to the bills weren't needs. Instead they were "wants". The problem is that my little wants are getting in the way of my big wants. After the rape happened I fell into the depression pit. My mom died, both kids have chronic health issues and moving several times took its toll.

For awhile, life was a black and white photograph. Now that life is in full living color again I feel as though I want to make up for lost time. Volunteering with Hope for Healing.Org is part of that and so is writing on the internet. I've been thinking maybe I could try to write my way out of debt. If my health will cooperate this may be my best shot.

My health is a huge hurdle in the struggle to get out of debt. My ability to make money is limited. My lungs, residual ptsd and other health issues are difficult. It's hard to work a job, take a breathing treatment, work awhile, get short of breath, lather, rinse and repeat.

People see things that I do and sometimes pat me on the back. What they don't realize is that there is almost always someone with me. This way, if I have an asthma attack, an epileptic seizure or other problem there is someone to help me.

Writing is a way for me to earn a little income. It can go around my health quirks, doctor visits and occasional speaking gig. I'm going to use my skills to try to write my way out of debt. It's going to a challenge but really may be my best hope.
So, in the middle of articles about domestic violence, sexual assault and speaking there is a new category on this blog. That category is called "debt" and will be about writing my way out of debt.

You are invited to join me on the journey. I write on Yahoo!/Associated Content plus Examiner and Factoidz. My other blog url is up above. Random articles will be posted there (you can also find the links on the sidebar). Money from the page views on the articles will help me pay the back bills. Hopefully, the articles will also be fun to read!

In a couple of days I'll be posting a bill and getting started. I'll also be posting updates. We'll see how many articles it will take to pay it off any particular bill. Hopefully, this will all add up to writing may way out of debt.

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