How to book us for your next event

We have several activities coming up with Hope for Healing.Org. I'm always glad to be there to raise awareness of domestic violence, educate and show off the work done by our kids in restorative justice.

Lately, a few people have asked how they can have me come out for an outreach or training event. It's very simple. Email contact@imaginepublicity.com. They help me keep my calendar. Frankly, without their services I'm certain that my calendar would be a mess.

Don't think for one second that they're some high fa-luting agency. They're not. I'm not.
Don't think for once second that you can't afford me. You can.

I do a lot of speaking on behalf of nonprofit groups. I have no set fee but I do need help with expenses like gas, food or lodging. It's not usually a problem to go to areas close to Knoxville. After that, the cost gets bigger than my pocketbook and help is appreciated.  This is especially important if I'm traveling out of state.

The same thing goes with doing a Voices of Hope segment on location. This is something I absolutely love to do. Did you know that it can be combined with most outreach events. All we need is electricity and a place to set up. We are good to go.

Allowing me to hold a book signing and bring items that the kids in restorative justice have made helps too. These funds go into the ministry of Hope for Healing.org to help us help others.

Getting on my calendar is easy. Why not email contact@imaginepublicty.com today?


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