How I make online writing pay off

Most everyone knows that Hope for Healing.Org is very part-time for me and I do not get paid. A number of health challenges that prevent me from working full time. (The ministry center almost did me in.)

To pay my bills I'm increasingly turning to writing online and it's helping. Now, everyone seems to be asking how I make online writing pay off. The truth is that an expensive sports car will never be in my future. Getting rich isn't in the picture but paying off some bills has been achievable.

The first site to catch my attention is Associated Content. Writing there has allowed me to pay off a credit card and some other bills. Since then I've begun writing for Factoidz, Examiner, this blog and my other one.

Associated Content will often make an upfront payment. They are the only company I write for that does this. Lower your expectations. It's only $3-$4 per article. All of the sites above pay a portion of a penny each time an article is viewed which helps.

The exceptions are my blogs. How I make online writing pay off here by selling some advertising on the sites. When people buy from a listed product link that's another few cents in my pocket. (Thank  you!) Again, lower your expectations. Right now I make about $50 per month on the other site and about $10-$15 on this one.

Utilizing multiple writing sites helps me make online writing pay off. This means posting the same article on other sites as often as possible. If I don't want to post the exact article I'll often do a primary article, then a quick rewrite and post both.

Multiple revenue streams maximize the amount each article will earn. Here's how I create those streams.