How Grandma's casserole recipe is making money online

This is the second article in a 2 part series. The first part is online here.

Grandma’s casserole recipe is making money online in another way. The link that points from the You've Been Reviewed article goes to the Factoidz site. Every time someone clicks on the recipe it earns about 1/4th of a penny. This tiny amount is why you want to generate multiple revenue streams with what is basically the same article.

The third way Grandma's casserole recipe is making money online is by posting it on another site. My most highly viewed articles are the ones posted on Associated Content. They do not pay upfront  for casserole recipes but they do pay a portion of a penny each time it's viewed. It also keeps the content fresh and in front of readers which gives all of my articles over there a chance to perform better.

Can you guess what the fourth revenue stream is? It's the posts about it on this blog. I've linked to the Associated Content article above when showing you how Grandma's recipe is making money online .

As we've discussed, clicks to the article from any source helps it make money online. Writing a blog post here also helps bring readers into this blog which makes it more attractive to potential advertisers. This essentially created a fourth revenue stream.

That's how Grandma's casserole recipe is making money online. It's not a huge amount but it helps pay the bills.

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  1. AND another way is that your blog has a feed into the ImaginePublicity website so that all your new content is visible and ready to click! :)

    Friends helping friends to pay the bills! LOL