My friends in Sudan

Some friends of mine have been working in Sudan over the past several months. They fell in love with the beautiful country a couple of years ago. To them, there is no finer group of people anywhere in the world. From their reports I would have to agree.

Ft. Loudoun 
Right now I am sitting here in my nice comfortable house. I am using my mini computer, my dog is curled up on my feet (literally) and the birds are singing. There is a stack of bills waiting to be paid, a funny noise in my car and my cell phone gave up the ghost a few days ago. I get to go to local parks and pretty spots like Ft. Loudoun and complain about the weather. 

Yet, friends of mine have been working in Sudan over the past few months. They don't these conveniences (and inconveniences). If they complain about the weather I've not seen it on their blog. They are dealing with a much bigger picture.

From my secure home I worry about domestic violence, abuse, sexual assault and teens who get into trouble. They worry about crops, housing for others and basic necessities. As they blog their love for what they are doing in Sudan becomes obvious. There is joy in those words. 

Reading their blog makes me feel ashamed. I look at my comfortable home, the stack of bills and my dog. What's important in this life isn't these things. Steve summed up the meaning of life by his simple statement "relationship, relationship, relationship". 

I couldn't have said it better myself.

Their blog is http://steveanddianthahodges.blogspot.com/2010/10/mission-in-africa-week-6.html If you have time go read their blog. You may just be inspired too. Be sure to leave them a message saying you stopped by.