Dad confronts daughter's bullies on school bus. Gets arrested. Kids laugh.

That seems to be the news coming out of Seminole, Florida. The news station WFTV.com is reporting on a sad situation.

Imagine for a minute that you are in the reported position of Mr. James Jones. Your sixth grade daughter is disabled with cerebral palsy. She comes home from school one afternoon upset. It turns out that she'd been bullied unmercifully since the start of school. Think how you'd react if your little girl was so upset that she had to be hospitalized and put on suicide watch.

Apparently that's what Mr. James Jones was dealing with in Seminole, Florida. He allegedly boarded his daughter's school bus and confronted the bullies. The end result is that he was arrested and had to bond out of jail.

The bus video shows children laughing at the incident. You can watch the video online.

Who is really at fault here? Is it a hurting father? The parents of the bullies or a school system and school bus system that may fail to protect its students?

There are no easy answers. May this little girl find emotional healing and be safe from all harm.

What do you think?