My daughter and her upcoming trip to Africa

My daughter has wanted to go to Africa ever since she was a little kid. When she heard that the university was putting a group together she was among the first to apply. The waiting period was nail biting. I think that probably our entire neighborhood heard her shouting for joy when she got her acceptance. (Sorry about that!)

Sam has been hard at work trying to keep up with schoolwork and raise money. She's been working all she can at the zoo. The trip is in late July but the money has to be turned around May 21. A grant will help and so will the fundraising but it may not be enough and it may not be fast enough.

Originally the ticket estimate was a reasonable $1,600. This combined with the other expenses puts the trip at just over $3,000. The team has to book this week and the price has skyrocketed to about $2,100. That puts her almost $500 from the mark.

The team will take soil samples and plant trees to combat soil erosion. Ultimately this will help improve the country's water supply. No doubt the kids will learn just as much as they give if not more.We're hoping that she'll get there. Right now, we're having to do some fundraising and wait and see.

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