Coleman smiles after guilty verdict is read

The saddest thing about our court system is that Lady Justice sometimes goes unserved. In my opinion, this was tragically the case todday.

Vanessa Coleman received a total count of 17 guilty verdicts for her part in the murders, rape and carjacking of Channon Christian and not Chris Newsom. The families of the victims were somber after the verdicts were read. The parents of Vanessa Coleman held hands and cried. Vanessa herself smiled broadly at the verdict and patted the backs of her attorneys.

My heart breaks at the pain the families of Channon and Chris are going through. I am also saddened for the family of Vanessa Coleman. Her ability to smile speaks volumes. No parent should have to endure what any of these people are and will be going through in the coming years.

The story is on WBIR and WATE. The photo is on Knoxnews.com.

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