Woman charged with killing husband is lobbyist

Woman charged with killing husband is lobbyist  - Atlanta Journal Constitution: "National Declaration for Domestic Violence Order"

The Atlanta Journal Constitution is reporting that Arelisha Bridges is allegedly a lobbyist for an organization named National Declaration for Domestic Violence Order. She has also apparently been arrested for shooting her husband.

Social media exploded.

Horrifically, this news story shows that domestic violence can happen in any family. It cuts across all lines of race, ethnicity, social standing and gender. A myth is that women can't be perpetrators. As the story above indicates this myth is wildly inaccurate. What makes this alleged act even more despicable is the relationship the arrested woman had with a domestic violence organization

There are references to the National Declaration for Domestic Violence Order website. So far, I have been unable to find any such site and am curious to know what they have to say. This is not a domestic violence program that I have ever heard of. Interestingly, an internet search for their IRS form 990 has also come back empty.

I don't know what to say about this so-called organization or the so-called lobbyist Arelisha Bridges. But I do know one thing. No one deserves to be a victim of domestic violence. My prayers are always with the victims.