Voices of Hope with Anthony Ray - Let God's People Wake Up and Get Up

Do you say you love Jesus? Prove it. Be "boots on the ground" for God's hurting children.

If you caught the Voices of Hope show on Blog Talk Radio today you had the privilege of listening to Anthony Ray. He is going to Haiti to minister. On the show he outlined the need for Christians to rise up to be "boots on the ground" both at home and abroad. The idea of  being "boots on the ground" called deeply to me.

We cannot all go to foreign countries but we can all help in some way. Maybe we can't give $100 to help get someone to Haiti but maybe we can give $2. Perhaps we can't donate $2 but maybe we can move tables, arrange yard sale items or help with a fundraiser.

I remember a time when a homeless couple was "boots on the ground" for Hope for Healing.Org. They had no money but they helped solicit auction items to help our fundraiser. This was done while they were job searching. Both of them got jobs and Hope for Healing.Org had the most successful fundraiser that we have ever had before -- or since!

This couple said that they had reason to help. They are beautiful people who just needed a little help to get back on their feet. The fundraiser was 2 years ago. This couple is still living independently and are no longer homeless.

Haitians cannot say that. The earthquake devastation has created a homeless population that will take years to overcome. My blog readers know that I have already talked about the restaveks. These are children of poverty who have been trafficked to wealthier families because their parents cannot feed them.

Now, nature's destructive forces have wreaked havoc which has driven a wedge deeper between the poor and affluent segments of society in Haiti. More children are at risk for trafficking because more people are at risk of starving. Parents who cannot feed or shelter their children will do anything they can to keep them safe, even at great risk. It's a vicious cycle.

That's why the work that Anthony Ray is doing by being "boots on the ground" is so important. That's why the mobilizations of organizations such as UMCOR and the work by the Courageous Church in Atlanta with Pastor Shawn King is vital.

A whole world of people are dying because of poverty, malnutrition, poor living conditions and more. They are dying physically but they will only die spiritually if we let them. As God's people let us be the people that we claim to be. Let us, as God's people, wake up, get up and start living the faith we claim to have.

Let all of God's people say "Amen"!

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