Football Player Possibly Arrested on Domestic Violence Charges

SportingNews.com is reporting that Oregon running back LaMichael James has been arrested on domestic violence. It's sad and disturbing to hear about charges of family violence. It's maddening when athletes face these charges. Athletes serve as role models and are looked up to by fans around the globe. 

When an athlete  is charged with domestic violence those fans can get the message that it's ok to hit someone you love. It's not. Domestic violence is never ok and it's never the victims fault. Guys, especially running backs, are stronger, taller and clearly have the physical advantage over women. Real men don't hit women or engage in other battering behavior. Real women don't hit men or engage in other battering behavior. It's that simple.

Time will tell if Oregon running back LaMichael James is guilty or innocent. He's not the first athlete to be in the headlines for abusive behavior. If you are an athlete please be someone that kids can look up to. Be real men (and women) don't hit, don't be abusers. The world is watching. 

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