Kudos as KY Governor Removes Female Inmates

There are some rights that are basic to all of us. Living without the fear of sexual misconduct is one of those rights. WBIR is reporting that 400 women are being removed from a Kentucky prison after allegations of sexual misconduct by male prison guards on a reported 18 women. That the women were in a position like this is unthinkable. 

Imagine being a woman in such a vulnerable position. Size and power are already against you. You are placed in a structure where you have nowhere to run and no place to hide. Then you become the victim of sexual misconduct that is conducted by the very people who are supposed to guard you. Does any woman prisoner deserve this? Does any woman deserve this?

As much as possible women should have female prison guards and men should have male prison guards. This won't guarantee sexual misconduct but this common sense approach would surely help. I've had emails saying women prisoners aren't always listened to when they have a complaint. Kudos to Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear for taking the first step in ordering the women prisoners removed to a safer environment. 

Abuse of power is a terrible thing. It's even worse when the abuse of power involves sexual misconduct. Women all over will be watching and waiting for the prison guards to brought to justice

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