Owning A Service Dog: What They Don't Tell You YouTube video

Friday is known as "Service Dog Friday" on my YouTube channel. Our topic for this is what they don't tell you about service dog ownership. We hear about the success stories and about times when teams, especially veterans who have service dogs are kicked out or denied services. We seldom hear about the problems with access that fall in between or other issues about owning a service dog.

It's not a bed of roses. My experience at the Safra Family Lodge at the NIH is well documented with footage. I haven't talked about times on vacation when a hotel tried charging me a pet fee or about when another hotel refused me citing a "no pets" policy. The instances are too numerous. Those are the routine things that service dog handlers don't focus on but need to be talked about. 

Topics come from comments guests leave. They also come from tweets or posts on my Facebook page. So please, leave your comment below or on my page. I'm also open for possible collabs with other service dog owners on YouTube or off. Be sure to mention that in the comments or email me at gayle@gaylecrabtre.com.

This is the What they Don't Tell You video. It's part of my larger Servce Dog Video Playlist. The link will come up at the end of this one. To make it easier to find, I'll link it here as well.