Church versus strippers: Hate is winning

We are hearing lots about an Ohio story about a church versus strippers. As a Christian, I feel a duty to live my life the best that I can to strippers, churchgoers and everyone else. My belief is that the Bible is the inherent word of God and that Jesus taught us how to live by word and deed.

What does this mean to me when it comes to a church versus strippers? Not everyone will appreciate my views and not everyone has to.

In the end, I am responsible for own thoughts and opinions as a Christian. Let me note that this is purely my point of view and do not represent any denomination. Open discussion is welcome in the comments section. Hatred is not.

Here are some examples that I found:

I have had contact with women who have been strippers and prostitutes. None were beyond the redemption offered through Jesus.

One woman went from strip club to paramedic. She danced because she felt it was the only way she could provide for her son at the time. Can you imagine being so desperate?

I met others at an outreach event to the homeless. Had I remembered condoms, I would have given them to the women. I have no way to judge if they were desperate, trafficked or had to work in the sex trade. All I know is that they are cast in the image of my creator. They were daughters of God who cannot be reached if they die of disease.

Is there worse than willful prostitution out of desperation? Yes. My strong suspicions is that at least two of the women were victims of human trafficking.

I actually support neither side in the story of the church versus strippers. I don't agree with smut or hatred. As a Christian, I am told not to judge but to love. What I support is the love of God, grace and the forgiveness of sins.

What I see in this situation is brokenness, hatred and spite. Grace and love are missing. Perhaps the biggest lesson to be learned here is that hate should never be stronger than compassion?

Hopefully, prayerfully each side will find a way to have a meaningful conversation. Until then, hate wins.