My debt reduction plan for March 2011

My debt reduction plan for March 2011 is simple. I'm going to make a minimum payment on the credit card and honor other minimum monthly obligations. The main push for this month is going to be earning money for the big IRS bill. As you know, I only have until mid-April to get this done. It's going to be a tight squeeze.

We also have three big expenditures to make space for this month.

1. I have the chance to go to two expensive restaurants. The reviews should ultimately more than cover the expenses but it still feels weird to go when money is tight.

2. My daughter turns 21. We'd like to get her a specific gift that she'll remember.

These 3 expenses will take up all of the "fun money" that we have set aside for March. It will also borrow some from April. All of my other income will go toward the I.R.S.

It's going to be an interesting couple of months! :)