How to monetize a blog or YouTube channel to make money online

You have heard about the YouTube demonetization if you are on any kind of social media platform. The earning threshold has been jacked up to a whopping 4,000 hours of watchtime and 1,000 subscribers! In my opinion, that's a lot to ask. But, stay positive. There are lots of way to monetize that don't have anything to do with a YouTube channel.

The implosions of Associated Content, Yahoo! Contributor Network, Geocities and others taught me to diversify income streams a long time ago. You can do it too. I'll share some of my ideas of how to make money online. Please share yours in the comments below. The list is in alphabetical order.

Here are some of the ways that I make money online. How do you do it? Leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below.

Adsense - I know what you're thinking, but relax. I helps on my blog, if not my channel.
Affiliate marketing - Amazon, CJ Junction and others
Amazon - Purchases that you make from my site help me out. My shop is www.amazon.com/shop/gaylecrabtree

Books - In addition to Does God Still Love Me, I've had three books out in the past and retired a couple of them. Another is due out late this spring.

Commission Junction - Affiliate marketing. They are a clearinghouse of sorts for lots of companies.

Etsy - Many of the sales in my Etsy shop come from you guys. 
Ebooks - I've self-published through Lulu in the past and plan to again. You can also publish Ebooks through Amazon Kindle. 

Groupon Partner - I love this site. Not only do I earn when people purchase, but the deals here help people save money.

Lulu - self publishing platform for books and ebooks. They are very straightforward on pricing and terms. I've used them a few times in the past and plan to again.

Motivational Speaking - Did you know that I've given motivation talks in jails, shelters, at ladies conferences and even at the Lincoln Memorial? Get the scoop at Imagine Publicity.

Patreon (Coming soon!)

Sponsorships - blog posts, product reviews on vlogs and sponsored tweets. Email me at gayle@gaylecrabtree.com for more information.
Speaking - Local speaking opportunities, podcasts, Skype calls and everything in between. 

Textbroker (Although not blog monetization, it is a company that I enjoy writing for occasionally. They have always paid on time, which is also nice.)

YouTube - Eventually. For newbies who may be reading this, YouTube will not monetize videos until you have over 1000 subscribers and over 4,000 hours in watch time. youtube.com/gaylecrabtree

Zazzle - I sell photos and other products through my Zazzle store and you can too Crabtree Photography

These are the ways that I make money on my blogs and vlogs. How do you do it? Leave me a comment below.